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Whateverize is always a word

August 24, 2014

Stack Exchange is well-known for producing the occasional true work of art, in addition to the more pedestrian (but often useful) content that is its more stable fare.  This answer by Tom Christiansen is one of them:

Yes, of course versionize is a “real word” — and no disparaging remarks about its parentage should be made in polite company.

This is because ‑ize is a productive suffix in English that’s used to produce a new verb from various nouns and adjectives. That means that any word derived by combining an existing one of those using ‑ize is automatically also a “real word”.

This remains true under all conditions:

  • The result is still a “real word” even if you cannot find that word in any dictionary howsoever complete, abstruse, current, or hip said dictionary should happen to be.
  • The result is still a “real word” even if Google despite its omniscience cannot find that word anywhere.
  • The result is still a “real word” even if nobody but nobody in the entire world has ever before used that word. […]

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