Pizza Web Site Blunder

OK, I should have phoned first.  But the Domino’s web site accepted and confirmed my order, so I don’t think it was too much to expect that the shop would be open.  After a ten minute drive in the stinking heat with two kids fighting in the back seat, I wasn’t too happy to discover the lights out and the doors locked.

Now, I don’t blame the franchisee for being closed.  Heck, it’s Christmas day.  But the web site should have known that there was a problem and not accepted the order.  (It knew to apply a 20% Christmas surcharge!)  But no; in fact, even as I speak (write? type? blog?) it is still assuring me that the pizza is being made.  Two hours later.  Wow, like, that’s some very carefully prepared pizza, dude!

I reckon there’s about a fifty-fifty chance they’ll charge my credit card.  I’ll let you know.

Update: I didn’t need to phone up and complain.  The franchisee phoned me this morning, apologizing for the mistake, which was good of him since it wasn’t his fault; the web site in question includes all Domino’s stores in New Zealand so is presumably managed by the franchise.  He confirmed that my credit card had been charged, refunded the surcharge and gave me a discount, so as far as I’m concerned all’s well that ends well.  I just hope the franchise manage to get the problem fixed by next Christmas!


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